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Ask Sequani why they hate Mondays?

In solidarity with our friends who are facing a grueling court battle over the coming months and face possible prison sentences for doing nothing more than protesting, we held a noisy demonstration at 7am outside the Sequani torture labs to greet the workers back. Some workers refused to enter with the protest going on.

What did you think? That was it? You lock up a handful of campaigners and all the compassion in the world would die or the right to protest was finally stopped?

I couldn’t help wondering when our doors would no longer be so attached to the door frame because of these protests, tomorrow? Next week? Why are the police and these vile vivisection industries so afraid of us, we have never hurt anyone and never will harm any Sequani employee so why do they hate us so much and wish to see us serve prison sentences.

Maybe it isn’t our protests or the campaign that they hate, maybe it is that nagging feeling that they are reminded of each time they drive through the gates of hell that there is only so far you can stretch the excuse of having bills or mortgage to pay each month.

They see us as being extremists, it takes a real stretch of the imagination of someone who drips toxic chemicals in a rabbits eyes to call the opposition an extremist.

A message to Sequani employees, I can’t imagine what the first time you caused suffering to an animal must have been like. It must have been similar to that feeling of falling suddenly with your senses suddenly recoiling in horror, you might have dwelled on it for a while you made a decision, at this point for better or worse you decided that you were going to continue to cause suffering to animals and over time that feeling dulled and it became just a job. I wish for a second I could feel how you feel, so I could understand what brings someone to become a tormentor of these intelligent sentient animals.

Maybe it is time to get a job which you can tell friends and feel proud about, without worrying about what peoples reactions might be. It is never to late to change your life and show compassion to these animals.

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