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Constant demos at Sequani torture labs and Arrowmight animal abusers as new campaign starts in Herefordshire.

sequanipolicevan.jpgActivists have greeted workers at Sequani almost every day since the 14th of February activists arrived at 7am in the morning with honks of support sounding even before the animal tormentors arrive.

Police have been very amicable, our protests have been lawful but effective with demonstrations at both Sequani on Bromyard Rd and Sequani Clinical in the town centre, security jobs have appeared in the local press as they would appear to be spread too thinly having to drive from one place to the next.

Arrowmight Biosciences have also received visits from activists on a couple of occasions over the past two weeks with noisy demonstrations attracting unwanted attention from other businesses in the area. I wonder how the feel about the torture prisons you make for HLS, Sequani and Covance the lab cages you build are designed for one thing only, the torment of sentient creatures.

We will be here for as long as it takes Sequani.

Until the last cages are emptied and destroyed.


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