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Sequani February Campaign update + Lock-on activists court update

Protests at the Sequani lab in Ledbury and various suppliers have been continuing with tenacity over the pass few weeks with protests at Arrowmight Biosciences who supply the cold baron cages for Sequani. Protests were also held at Owen Pell, Propath UK and various other Sequani death lab collaborators have been frequent over the past weeks and continue.

Four activists were arrested under Section 5 of the public order act during a lawful protest at Arrowmight and a megaphone was destroyed by police on site after activists refused to stop using the loudhailer to remind the staff about the torture equipment they make inside, even though at no point were they insulting, abusive or threatening.

February saw five activists involved in a lock on (see December national report) in court charged with varying offences including obstructing the highway and breach of Section 12 of the public order act.  All activists have pled not guilty, the case is ongoing and information will be published as and when it is available.

The Stop Sequani Campaign is currently confirming and finalising a list of Sequani suppliers for you to contact and help stop the abuse taking place at Sequani death labs!

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