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Sequani 6 February Court Update

The prosecution will be cross examining the Sequani defendants starting next Monday and then finishing up their side of the story which so far seems to have included police saying that the defendants were peaceful and senior management of Sequani and other prosecution witnesses being caught out in blatant lies during questioning by defense barristers.

Apparently one of the defendants had been running in front of worker cars and opening their doors as they left the lab, apparently this wasn’t caught on the handheld video camera used by security OR the multiple CCTV cameras outside Sequani.  The lies even extend to accusations of abuse by the defendants on days they were bailed away from Sequani!?

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Those who wouldn’t hesitate to vivisect, would hardly hesitate to lie about it”

Apparently this includes lying about anything?

More reports next week.

If you wish to show your support to the Sequani Six please visit Birmingham Crown Court court 9 10:30 till 4ish each day!



2 Responses

  1. That’s ridiculous! I can’t even believe that they are trying to bring about such claims; knowing it would make them look like liars.

    Why is it that every conspiracy trial includes actions that were in an area that has CCTV and even those filming, and yet there is no evidence what so ever to proove it happened!

    Keep up the resistance.

  2. Thee truth will prevail, in or out of this world.

    Thee liars all sweared by their “god” before spewing their bullshit before thee court.

    They each (witness) stabbed their “god” in the back as they took the stand after swearing to tell thee truth.

    Woe is them.


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