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Please Support Animal Liberation Prisoner Sean Kirtley!

Our friend and fellow Sequani activist Sean Kirtley was remanded yesterday and awaits sentencing in relation to the 18 week Sequani trial and Operation Tornado.

Please send him your messages of solidarity and support!
Sean Kirtley (WC6977), HMP Birmingham Prison, Winson Green Road, Birmingham B18 4AS

We will find out what can be sent to Sean in prison very soon,

We will also be setting up a support MySpace and Blog for Sean in due course!

2 Responses

  1. The crooked scum may think they have won when in fact they can only delay. They can take one of us away only to see more of us. And we will keep coming again and again and so forth. There are too many of us now, the truth is out and they know it. Even those on the inside are turning.

  2. The fight for animal rights is a very long and mined road. There are too many corporate interests behind animal abuse and we know that corporations and governments do not exist to lose money or sympathize with causes other from their own ones.
    Thank you for your fight, you will be freed because the scandal will make them go back.

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