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Protests held against the Sequani vivisection lab in Ledbury, Herefordshire, have spanned over the last 20 years. First focusing on the notorious Toxicol Laboratories UK in the 1980’s then Quintiles England in the late 1990’s and now ‘Sequani Limited’ … different company names, same company registration number, same company location, same animal killers.

Barbaric animal experiments that offer dangerously misleading data obtained by testing drugs on non-human animals have already led to the cruel and agonising deaths of countless millions of non-human animal lives. Animal tested drugs have also led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human lives .

The animal testing industry, its clientèle and the government, are less than concerned about the massive death toll that animal testing creates, their only concern is for the huge profits that are to be made from releasing new products onto the market at whatever cost.

Anti-vivisection demonstrations are held outside Sequani in Ledbury each week highlighting the horror of vivisection to the passing public.

Companies that supply and help to maintain Sequani Limited are alerted to the horrors of the vivisection industry thus enabling these companies to make an informed choice as to whether this is an industry that they want their company to support or to be involved in.

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